Once your solar system is installed, you will notice that other neighbors with solar electric systems have lots of shiny conduit all over their roof and large wiring boxes next to the solar panels.

You may also notice that the solar on their house looks like an unfinished puzzle scattered around the objects on the roof and is also high off the roof giving homes to lots of creatures.

We wouldn’t do that to our customers. Your beautiful home should be one of your proudest possessions and a compliment to the neighborhood.

All of our systems are installed with an architecturally designed mounting system close to the roof and all of the wiring is usually in the attic. The solar panels are all black and the installation resembles that of a big skylight. They also have the longest warranty, giving you peace of mind that you will be very satisfied with your decision to have Silicon Valley Energy install your solar electric system that will be working flawlessly for decades without you ever having to do anything.

In fact, PG&E will only send you a bill once a year after your solar energy system is installed. This “True-UP” bill will determine if you need to pay them a few pennies or if you made to much power and they owe you a few pennies!