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Start putting the Sun to work for you by contacting Silicon Valley Energy today. SVE installs solar electric systems in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas. We look forward to providing you with a free solar site visit and estimate.



What can Silicon Valley Energy do for you?

  • A free site analysis to determine shading, roof condition, system size and financial information about your purchase.
  • Install the solar system.
  • Coordinate all permits and inspections.
  • Complete the solar utility interconnection paperwork.
  • Offer fair prices and honest counsel about solar system installation and performance.

What are the steps to having a solar system installed?

  • Call SVE to schedule a site evaluation.
  • To determine your annual energy use, PG&E customers may call 1-800-743-5000and ask for a12 month billing history in terms of kWh per month for 12 months. Or create an account at and download this info.
  • SVE Will verify that your roof is in good shape. The best time to reroof is before installing a solar system, as PV modules can last 30-40 years. If your roof is likely to be replaced within 7 years, we recommend a reroof before installing your solar energy system.
  • SVE completes an economic solar analysis to determine financial viability of a solar electric system. If your electric bill is high, a PV (photovoltaic) system may be a conservatively lucrative investment!
  • SVE designs a PV system to net out the average annual electric bill (within your roof’s limits). Or size a system that fits your budget and future goals.
  • After system is installed, the local building inspector will check the installation and sign-off on the permit.
  • And finally, an interconnection agreement must be submitted to the utility so that you will be able to change your utility billing to Net Metering which will allow you to get credits which will offset your use when the sun isn’t shining.