Silicon Valley Energy is a family run business that cares deeply about our customers well being. Currently we specialize in residential roof and ground mounted solar energy systems.  We employ hard working, well-trained installation crews of solar construction professionals who are knowledgeable about working with various roofing materials. Working with the following roof types is our specialty: steel tile, concrete, wood, composite shingle and foam. We clean up thoroughly after the job. Silicon Valley Energy’s office staff provides high quality customer service.

Silicon Valley Energy’s commitment to the future of solar energy goes beyond installation. In addition to their jobs, many Silicon Valley Energy’s staff are members of solar and environmental organizations, working to spread the adoption of solar energy to the public by speaking to students at schools and community colleges, reaching the community at fairs, libraries, community groups, homeowner organizations, churches, etc. Certain staff members have won awards for their activism and volunteer activities in the solar energy field.

Silicon Valley Energy ia a one-stop shopping for PV, solar hot water and solar pool heating installation services. We are able to move existing solar pool and hot water panels to make room for solar PV modules in cases where this would provide the most benefit to our customers. We remove and reinstall solar panels for our customers when reroofing is done.